Strong leadership and strong teams

Bhuvana Harikrishnan
Associate Vice President - Technology

Even though it’s not her style to make passionate declarations, Bhuvana admits that challenges have always stimulated her. It has been 21+ years that she has been on a grand tour of challenging assignments with incredible ongoing dynamism. It has been an awesome journey for her, starting with major reference works to setting up production operations for major clients and finding solutions and implementing those within the teams. She was also instrumental in setting up and managing the centralized production teams with a focus on operational excellence. Functionally, she has been in various roles such as client management, production operations, transition management, workflow management, production technology, operational excellence and now into full-time product development for one of Newgen’s flagship products.

She looks back at her career that has always been at a fast and furious pace with new challenges and memorable achievements being the basis for an effortless, sincere and solid relationship with Newgen all through the years.

According to her, Newgen gives its people the authority and space to play within the agreed boundaries of decision making, naturally creating in them determination and confidence that they need to turn any situation to their advantage. For her, Newgen consciously creates and nurtures strong leadership!

The learning for her is that while one’s priorities may be the driving force for an employee, it is important to always keep an eye on the bottom line, particularly with an accountant's eye. A good foundation is always the key to stability.

What she loves most about Newgen are its openness and sincerity, appreciation, and freedom.

Newgen’s greatest value is the confidence it instills in every employee. She has always experienced a sense of adventure with new and challenging assignments that seems to satisfy her intellectual curiosity. She recalls that all 21+ years have not been the same and each year has been a journey of discovery – an incredible journey of creating strong leadership and strong teams!

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