Wings to fly

Joseph Lurdu Antoine, A.
Account Manager - Aspen Legal Education

Joseph Antoine hails from Pondicherry. An MBA graduate from Pondicherry University, 2022 marks his 10th year in Newgen. He began his career with Newgen as a project manager for the Oxford University Press – Medicine Division. He then became an assistant manager and then manager for the same team. Now, he heads the Aspen Legal Education team and the Centralized Artwork and Manufacturing team.

Joseph says that he always considers Newgen as a blessing in his life, both professionally and personally. The main highlight for him is the work–life balance. Newgen is a place where he believes one has the right to plan one’s day, encouraging its employees to unplug when their job is done. To quote Sam Ewing, ‘It’s not the hours you put in the work that counts, but the work you put in the hours!’

The main challenge for him is how one handles the responsibility one is given and how one can keep the trust and belief that the company has on you. He considers as his achievements his growth within the company and the trust he has gained over the years from the business heads. He believes Newgen gave him wings. For him, Newgen is a non-hierarchical organization, promotes accountability, believes in its people, fosters continuous learning and constant improvement.

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