An incredible journey rife with challenges and springboards

Manikandan Pazhamalai
Deputy General Manager

An upbeat, self-motivated team player, Mani is a dedicated and outgoing individual. He comes with 15+ years of experience in the publishing domain. With a B.Tech. in Information Technology and a certified engineer in Oracle 9i, he relies on his strong leadership skills and a genuine interest in what he does; he has big plans for 2023, including market research and building up sales.

He remembers his humble beginnings at Newgen when he joined as a quality controller way back in 2010. For him, persistence and hard work have brought him to where he is now. He recalls the time he was a novice who frequently buried himself into a heap of tiresome quality checks and making his way to a manager responsible for those academic books becoming a reality – a journey rife with challenges and springboards.

He looks at Newgen with gratitude for literally shaping him into what he is today; according to him, Newgen nurtured him, making him knowledgeable, coupled with real-time experiences day in and day out. All the challenges and hurdles he faced at Newgen, he considers as stepping stones to his successful career.

His ongoing interest in learning has made him an expert in multiple publishing areas such as typesetting, cover management, artwork management, manufacturing, client management, pitstop, sales and marketing.

He considers as his greatest achievement the completion of the World Almanac 2011 project successfully – a very challenging and prestigious one at that. It was his first project in Newgen and he manages this project to date, having completed the 2023 edition only recently. He also received the Newgen Quality Awards for 2020 and 2021 and the star performer awards.

For him, Newgen has always been a place very close to his heart. It completely lacks monotony or an intimidating air that is typical of a robotic corporate life. It offers a compelling space for him to learn and experiment at every stage, which makes him (and others) taste the fruit of success in their stride up the corporate ladder.

He sees the employees of Newgen stand by the company’s core values of scaling new heights through persistent efforts. He sees this personified in every individual in the workplace. According to him, the prevailing culture at Newgen has enabled the employees here to achieve their dreams by providing an environment of continuous learning and self-molding.

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