A win–win for everyone

Nithya Balakrishnagandhi
Deputy General Manager

Nithya has a degree in B.Tech. IT and only landed in publishing after resigning from the IT sector and after giving up civil service aspirations due to health issues. She hails from an agricultural family and enjoys farming in her native village in Namakkal district. She recently got married and is excited to explore another new phase of her life.

She joined Newgen as a trainee copy-editor a decade ago. She is now a deputy general manager in Newgen managing the WKAPAC account. Her growth trajectory at Newgen has been a promising one: copy-editor to project manager to account manager to deputy general manager. She believes that her communication skills and the ability to communicate in a straightforward manner are what have brought her to her current position today.

According to her, the various roles she has played and the experience gained from these roles have certainly boosted her career. She claims that in Newgen one always has the opportunity to learn. She prides herself on always delivering the best in the roles she played over the years, with acknowledgement from her peers. Also, Newgen’s open culture of speaking one’s mind freely and voicing one’s thoughts and ideas is something she appreciates.

Newgen’s values and culture have helped her as an individual to explore and bring out the best – a win-win situation not just for herself but also the organization.

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