Whirlwind of a journey

A.P. Premkumar
Senior Manager - Digital Production

It has been a whirlwind of a journey at Newgen for Premkumar. In his 20+ years with Newgen, he has handled various XML and EPUB projects. He believes his time at Newgen has given him the opportunity to learn and grow with the organization. He still remembers the day he joined as a fresher, not knowing a thing about the publishing field. Looking back, he is now proud to be a part of the Newgen family.

He prides himself on being highly motivated and customer-driven. He joined Newgen as a data conversion technician and handled XML/HTML/SGML coding. He was promoted to project leader, and then as a production manager and is now a senior production manager with the digital production team in the data division.

Managing 2000 titles of EPUB conversion from OUP that had to be delivered in 3 months was a challenging task for him. But he is impressed with the way the team worked and is most grateful for the support he received from his superiors in making it possible. He also received an appreciation from OUP for this milestone achievement.

He is proud to be part of the Ranipet Data team as he was there during the initial setting-up stages. He received appreciation for not taking time off during the heavy floods in Chennai. He strongly believes that Newgen’s values and culture will motivate its employees. For him, Newgen is a place that allows people to learn and grow in time.

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