Recognition for true potential

Raji Nirmal
Manager - Editorial

A postgraduate from the University of Madras, Raji Nirmal has about 18 years of experience in the e-publishing industry. She has served in various positions, first as a trainee technical editor, then as a project leader and project manager, and now in her current role as an editorial manager of OUP Books. She lives in Chennai with her family. Her hobbies include listening to music, content writing, and social service.

Raji recalls her humble beginnings in Newgen in the year 1999. Fresh out of college, she joined Newgen as a trainee technical editor after clearing one entrance test and two rounds of interviews. She remembers feeling proud when she received her offer letter and prouder on receiving her first salary. In a short span of 6 months, she was promoted to project leader for a production team in Newgen. Feeling frightened yet determined to take on the new challenge, she proved herself and was soon promoted to project manager within 3 years. She handled multiple client teams in production and also had the honor of being the first project manager at Newgen. At that point, she had to take a 6-year break in her career to take care of her newborn baby. After this brief period, she returned to work in the copyediting field. Within months of joining back, she was given the responsibility of setting up an editorial team for OUP Books in 2013, which is the team she is managing at present.

She remembers over the years at Newgen a lot of fun moments, memorable team outings and happy get-togethers, anxious moments when tight deadlines had to be met, moments of fear when attending feedback discussions, proud moments and many more. All said and done, for her, Newgen has proved to be an excellent place for learning and growth. In her opinion, everyone is given numerous opportunities to learn and grow within the organization. No inhibitions at all. The true potential of every employee is identified and recognized accordingly in all spheres.

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