Work for oneself & “own” it

Rubi Sharobini R.
Lead - Project Management

Rubi is a B.E. computer science graduate who first joined Newgen in 2012 as an editorial assistant. Her manager at the time believed that a project manager should also have knowledge of all areas of development of a book to be a complete professional. She left the company 2 years later to explore other opportunities in the industry, worked with different publishers and suppliers, and finally returned to her favourite organization till date in 2017 as a production editor. She is now a team lead for project managers working for the Taylor & Francis account. She would like to be a part of Newgen until the day she decides to stop working. She has a total experience of around 10 years in the publishing industry. She loves learning new things and exploring new opportunities and that sums up her work at Newgen.

In her opinion, Newgen has always provided the right opportunity to the right people, and she is proud that she is one of those lucky people who was able to get such an opportunity and make the best use of it. When she wanted to switch roles (from a production editor), it was her manager who suggested that she lead a team as he believed with confidence that she had the capabilities to lead a group of people. Rubi, for her part, worked hard to live to such expectations and, today, she believes she has been successful in her current position for the past 2 years.

According to her, it is only when one is given an opportunity that one can prove themselves. At Newgen, that new opportunity is always offered to one of its own employees first rather than to someone new in the organization.

For her, life has always been comfortable and she feels at home in Newgen. She thinks that one works for themselves, and ‘owns’ their work – the reason behind which is the freedom one is given. The more freedom one has, the more responsible one becomes towards work.

Of course, nothing in life comes without a challenge, especially when it is related to one’s growth. Rubi had her own difficulties learning how to handle various people and streamlining processes so that people can work at ease and are comfortable. Every obstacle she’s faced, she considers as an opportunity to learn from each other or from the situation causing said obstacle. The opportunities are numerous; it is in one’s hands how one chooses the best and works towards success. She considers herself gifted because she was able to achieve what she aimed for. The key is in learning from anyone at anytime and knowing that there is no one person who has mastered everything.

The biggest challenge for her was to strengthen the team and prevent frequent attrition within a year after taking up the leadership role. Making people work comfortably was a good achievement for me.

Newgen’s culture, according to her, is to nurture its employees into a breed that can survive even in the toughest of situations. Newgen gives its employees the freedom and also shows its people their potential so one can always make the best of it. Rubi has happily accepted that liberty and makes the best use of it, and does not misuse it. She treats her work as her responsibility and not as a burden.

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