Learn the job and do it with passion

S. Nirmalkumar
Senior Software Developer - Education Division

Nirmalkumar started his career in the e-Publishing industry in 2005. He joined Newgen in 2017 and is now a senior software developer for the Education Division. Armed with good experience and excellent knowledge of XML, EPUB, XSLT, .Net, Javascript, Python, Angular, SQL, and MongoDb, he feels that his primary task is to support technical advancements and technology.

Before joining the Newgen clan, he had worked as a developer for many years but in a different role, but within a year of joining Newgen, he was recognized as a developer, which motivated him to try out new things with technology.

He finds Newgen to be the perfect workplace for someone to achieve their goals. Because of the diverse clients managed by Newgen, he feels that one gets many opportunities and varied experiences through technology. This in turn has helped him 'learn [the] technology and do work with passion'.

For Nirmalkumar, time is precious, which is why Newgen’s work-from-home policy has given him the gift of work–life balance.

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