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90% of the material published today cannot be accessed by people who are visually impaired.

Inclusive publishing is the need of the hour. At Newgen, we made this possible and pay extra attention to producing accessible content that is usable and compatible.


Overcome the challenges of cost & complexity in creating accessible content.

Document Remediation

Document Remediation

Equal Access provides a remediation service, ensuring all contents (Microsoft documents and PDF) is accessible and compliant with section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and WCAG 2.1.

Large Printing Service

Large Printing Service

Our expert team will ensure conversion of standard documents into 18 pt or higher with original texts reformatted into a clear, crisp and precise content along with charts, tables and graphs redesigned to perfection with full-colour representation to the design.

Website Compliance

Website Compliance

Our professional accessibility team and technology will ensure compliance of your website and mobile app with the Web Content Accessibility Regulation 2.1 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Video Captioning Service

Video Captioning Service

We offer high-quality video captioning and description services in multiple languages adhering to the WCAG 2.1 AAA and other specifications. We ensure excellent and precise video solutions based on your choice of standard closed captions or particular style specifications depending on your requirements.

Accesible EPUB

Accessible EPUB

Accessible documents and websites allow visually impaired readers to listen to alternative text which is a description of a visual element so that they can perceive the image in their minds.

Tracking and Reporting

Alternative Text & Text Writing

Equal Access's digital accessibility and data conversion division have dedicated teams, comprised of various subject matter experts, creating alternative text and long descriptions for images.

Born Accesible Consulting

'Born Accessible' Consulting

We are dedicated to making all client publications 'Born Accessible'. Deep integration of accessibility workflows into your process will guarantee fully-accessible front-list publications and websites.


Stay ahead of your compliance & accessibility needs.

Stringent testing is an integral part of the process at Newgen:

An ace by DAISY, Accessibility Checking Tool | SMART tool (Simple Manual Accessibility Reporting Tool) | U.S. Department of Health & Human Services checklist | Assistive technology such as NVDA.

Accessibility Consultation Services
We equip publishing experts with full fledged, tailor-made accessibility services at the best price.


We are a Benetech Certified Accessible Content Conversion Vendor

Newgen Supports


WCAG 2.1


Section 508 & ADA


EU Standard EN 301549:2015


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We at Newgen are extremely passionate about changing the way content is published and consumed. We strive to create remarkable, immersive and high-quality publications using the best of technology and expertise. We design and manage content solutions for global publishers enabling them to consistently deliver, expand and innovate.

Set up in 1996, Newgen has delivered publishing projects across industries and genres for some of the leading publishers in the world. With a team of 1300 members working across borders, we offer innovative and engaging ways to broadcast your content to the right audience through the right medium.

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