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As a single source of outsourced and in-house services and solutions over the publishing lifecycle, we have been helping publishing clients with eBook format decisions and trials for more than nine years. During that time, we have internalized a wealth of knowledge about publishers’ eBook strategies that has helped us fine‐tune conversion routines for them.

We provide large-scale backlist conversion to eBook formats as well as frontlist XML-based composition with onward conversion to eBook. Around half of our *ML-based eBook output in the past year has been to the OeBPS; the remainder output was optimized specifically for Mobipocket, Kindle, Sony, and Microsoft readers.

We are also present in Europe, the US and UK to offer services to onshore service providers, acting as an extension of their onshore teams. This approach helps our partners achieve a unique balance of offshore and onshore delivery with reduced development time and assured business value, through world-class products. Moreover, the cost arbitrage of the offshore operations adds to the economic advantage to the entire process.


Our conversion clients include publishers of all sizes across strands and disciplines, content aggregators, and corporations with legacy content to distribute internally. Those titles include novels, academic and professional books, complex textbooks, highly designed trade titles, comics, training manuals, and annual reports. We work extensively in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian. Our workflow incorporates a high level of intelligent automation to ensure the accuracy of the conversion process, which sets us apart from other conversion suppliers. In a fast-moving market for competing ebook readers and apps, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest changes to ensure that your converted content works across platforms. Because we work directly with retailers and distributors, we know how to tweak our conversions and provide elegant fallbacks for a range of target devices, and our quality assurance includes testing ebooks on those devices.

The EPUB 3 specification introduced a number of enhancements over EPUB 2 that were geared towards making content more accessible via assistive technologies. We have worked with several publishers to define and refine their coding practices for accessible ebooks in a way that balances the future-proofing of converted content with the reality of what current devices and platforms support. Considerations include:

  • Using the EPUB 3 Structural Semantics Vocabulary via the section:tag and epub:type attribute, and adhering to meaningful, self-explanatory naming of files and CSS classes.
  • Indicating reading order for the primary text, and thus which text can be skipped or escaped from by a reading system (eg, notes, sidebars, lists, tables).
  • Tagging passages that are in a different language from the publication as a whole.
  • Capturing images as SVG and tables in richly descriptive HTML, with JPEG fallbacks or supplements and alternative textual descriptions.
  • Structuring and tagging navigation lists with assistive technologies in mind.
  • Including metadata to indicate the accessibility features enabled in each ebook.

Experience we gained with ePUB conversions helps us to extend the arm to convert Accessible ePUB using semi-automated process. We produce on an average 0.3 million pages every month and supporting many industries including Publishing, Translation companies, Automobile, Engineering and IT companies etc.

We generate and convert Accessible ePUBs from any formats starting from Hard copies, Scanned Images, PDFs, Application files and word document.


  • Receiving the PDF documents.
  • Evaluating the document following accessibility guidelines.
  • Submitting the analysis report.
  • Working with your Accessibility team and plan for solution.
  • Remediating the document by structing the elements present in the document.
  • Ensuring the document is compatible with all screen readers.
  • Testing the product using PDF accessibility checker and performing manual quality checks wherever necessary.
  • Delivering the fully accessible PDF document that is made accessible with the WCAG 2.0 & WCAG 2.1 - PDF Techniques & PDF U/A standard and also that is Section 508, ADA and AODA compliant.


We support clients in developing Reflowable Content, Fixed Layout Books, Enhanced ePUBs, HTML 5 Interactions, Video or Audio support content with quality and at a quick speed. You can provide us the content in any format , XML, Word, Indesign, Scanned documents, PDF, HTML etc format and we convert them into EPUB3 standards by the IDPF.





Million pages / year


Million pages

Why work with us?

Experience in HTML5, CSS and accessible EPUB3 with quick turnaround solutions.

  • We understand PDF and ePUB better.
  • Reliable vendor to convert accessible formats and implement accessibility guidelines across products and services.
  • Ensure compliance with Section 508, ADA and conformance to WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1.
  • Working with multiple languages.
  • One stop solution for conversion of any ePUb formats.
  • Experience in handling multi lingual formats and ePUBs.

Accessibility Validation Services

Send your document to our experts who will validate it in accordance with WCAG 2.0 compliance norms and send you a free report.

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