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Caroline Boot, Director of Newgen English Language Learning, talks about her first visit to Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara (FiL), a different experience from the London and European Book Fairs, and her first impressions and takeaways from this experience.

Celebrating the New Year through Nandavanam’s young artists
The Nandavanam Healing Center provides unique spaces where children with developmental challenges find expression and healing.

Nandavanam is a CSR venture of Newgen KnowledgeWorks, focused on creating a space for the care and healing of underprivileged kids with disabilities.

Nandavanam is a CSR venture of Newgen KnowledgeWorks, focused on creating a space for the care and healing of underprivileged kids with disabilities.

We are thrilled to share the highlights of an incredibly fun event that was organized right here in our office in Chennai.

Case Studies

Mayo Clinic Press is building a world-class publishing program featuring authors and experts from around the world weighing in on a broad scope of health subjects, including thought leadership, mental health, history, biography, the frontiers of medicine and more.

Cookbooks have taken a new shape in this digital era, shifting the focus from just a recipe information hub to an experience-led piece of content.

One of the projects from Universal Technical Institute (UTI) that Newgen found very challenging was when it requested support in migrating its Adobe Flash e-learning modules to html5 within a short span.

The world of reading has taken a dramatic turn with digital sophistication and the demand for e-books has also been on the rise since its inception.

A legal looseleaf is a dynamic piece of content which is widely used in research related to law.

Headquartered in Norderstedt, Germany, Books on Demand GmbH is a publication service company focusing on self-publishing platforms.

Gatekeeper, a smart automated platform was developed to ensure high-quality, error-free validation.

Frommer’s is an esteemed and well-known travel publication in the world. They have published a series of travel guides that are popular and celebrated for the depth of content and recommendations that are added to their books.

Pearson Imaginarium is an English Language Learning series for the bilingual schools’ market in Mexico – schools that spend much, or all, of their instruction time in English.

Reader's Choice 6th Edition is an ESL/EFL textbook for the teaching of academic skills.

Ingram, an eBook distributor, specializes in print and online product distribution across the globe.

Learning a new language is a whole new experience in itself. With increased globalization, learning a new language opens up new opportunities, imparts independence and gives an edge over the others in this competitive world.

Falcon Guides, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield, are best known in the publishing space for their exclusive content on outdoor activities such as bike riding, camping, foraging, hiking, paddling, rock climbing and their field guide series on wild flowers.

One challenging project we managed for a prestigious university press was to take over journal production from their existing pre-press supplier.

Thriving as One

Culture at Newgen
What makes Newgen the kind of place where people spend years, even decades? What is it about the work culture that embraces people of various backgrounds and talents?

Executive Perspectives

It has been a few years since online learning crossed the threshold of the corporate world and journeyed into other industries.

An interview with Karan Malhotra
A veteran in sales and business development, Karan Malhotra has managed a portfolio of onshore and offshore projects and processes in publishing in the United States, India, Mexico and China.

There is a lot of buzz around the European Accessibility Act (EAA) that is coming into force in 2025 and businesses around the world have two years to ensure compliance and start the remediation process. In this brief interview, Awad would like to reassure companies that driving digital accessibility is not as complex, expensive, or challenging as it is made out to be. He answers a few frequently asked questions about digital accessibility in this interview…

Meet Jo Bottrill, Managing Director, Newgen UK. Jo’s career in publishing spans more than two decades. He’s seen a significant amount of disruption in the publishing space. In the article below, he shares his views and learnings thus far and also what motivates him to forge ahead. 

Web Accessibility involves the qualities or attributes of a website or app that make it easy for people with disabilities to use.

Jo Bottrill, MD, Newgen UK, talks about the importance of an online platform in today’s digital landscape, the importance of metadata, and the opportunities and challenges that publishers will have to brace for. 

Accessibility efforts enhance color contrast so that everyone can read the complete information provided and leverage the relevant parts.

The year 2020 has been unique in all aspects, with a lot of it being challenging. Even pre-pandemic, handling the law book trade in India, which includes sales, distribution and collection, came with its challenges.

The pandemic has prompted a wave of leveraging technology to ensure that business efficiencies are not negatively impacted.

The speed at which the dynamic publishing domain is changing into is mindboggling. And as publishers face the challenge of having to deliver more content more frequently across multiple delivery channels, multiple devices and languages that are platform-agnostic. This shift to a digital dynamic model is challenging and constantly evolving.

Jose Kunju
World Book Day, celebrated this year on the 23rd April, aims to change people's lives through a shared love of books and reading. In most parts of the world, the day is observed by the theme of 'share a story'.

Multilingual desktop publishing plays an integral part in translating/localizing documents. It is essential that when content is translated, the fonts, design and layout when used in the original are maintained and that none of the fonts and styles is lost during translation.

Tim Berners-Lee
"The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”

Will Awad
The digital realm has transformed the world in immeasurable ways since the dawn of the World Wide Web. Digital platforms and their content play a significant part of daily lives.

There is a growing interest among content users to move to digital platforms, especially since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic; consequently there's been an increase in demand for content digitization and conversion from one format to another.

Innovative digital formats come up in the publishing market regularly, forcing companies to be compliant and compatible with new platforms.

Jose Kunju
'Looseleaf' is a funny name! I heard it first in 2005. That was the year that Newgen’s Chennai office was given a law book for typesetting for the first time by a prominent US legal publisher.

Nicola Howcraft
What does 'inclusive' mean? As a former copy-editor, my first port of call was, of course, the trusted Oxford English Dictionary. Here the term is defined as 'deliberately avoiding usages that could be seen as excluding a particular social group'.

One of the key issues faced by most authors is juggling between various formats during different stages of the production process.

There are multiple eBook formats available for readers, and the key question is, How do you choose the right one?

Product Updates

In the fast-paced world of digital publishing, EPUB has emerged as a popular and versatile format that allows content to be accessed and read seamlessly across multiple e-reader devices and platforms.

Looking to expand your readership as a self-publishing author or as a small independent publisher?

With the release of exceptional features such as new charting capabilities, users can effortlessly create visual representations of their data. Since then, enhanced offerings have continued to improve every subsequent version.


From copy-editing to repurposing for multiple formats, typesetting to cover design, discover exactly what’s involved in transforming a manuscript into a beautiful book you can be proud of.

This episode of the IPG Podcast discusses the value of publishing platforms, XML workflows and good metadata management with Jo Bottrill of Newgen KnowledgeWorks.


The Twin Weapons of Planning and Execution
A challenging project we had managed for a reputed university press was to take over production of their journals from their existing pre-press supplier.
Carrying a teaching legacy forward
Reader's Choice 6th Edition is an ESL/EFL textbook for the teaching of academic skills. Its focus is on the reader's ability to select the proper skills or strategies to solve complex reading challenges.
Readability, consistency and quality of content in translated documents
Multilingual desktop publishing plays an integral part in translating/localizing documents.
Are you using a legacy print publishing workflow to support a digital model?
The speed at which the dynamic publishing domain is morphing into is mindboggling.
How adopting a technology solution helped in seamless conversion of multi-language books with speed and precision
The world of reading has taken a dramatic turn with digital sophistication and the demand for e-books has also been on the rise since its inception.
Transformation of Quality Feedback Data into Analytics. The Newgen Way.
For the quality team at Newgen, continuous improvement is an endeavour across the company, aimed at external as well as internal stakeholders.
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