They know their commas from their semicolons.

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Managing Editor

Years of experience

20+ years in the publishing field: 2.5 years working for a publisher, ~20 years in Newgen.

What can you do to prepare for the role?
Read, read, read! Our in-house training will teach you the basics of copyediting. But your biggest asset at all times will be your language skills and how meticulously you apply those editing skills.
What are the skills needed?
Excellent English-language skills, a flair for the language and a keen eye, and more importantly, in my opinion, a love of the language.
What is exciting about the role?
A good copy editor can do more than just correct mistakes. Editing is not just about correcting grammar and spelling. It is about showing how much you appreciate, care, and value someone else’s cherished work.
What do you love most about your profession?
For me, it is reading. I get paid to read. What’s better than that? Ever since I was a child, I would read anything I could lay my hands on. My childhood “toys” were books. I don’t remember owning a single stuffed toy or a play thing other than my books. That feeling of carrying books home from the store or library is indescribable.

I got into this field by accident. While I was out hunting for a job in electronics & communication, someone offered me an editing job because of my passion for the language. Haven’t regretted that till now.

Books have always been and always will be my security blanket.
Lydia tells us what a day in the life of a copy editor looks like...
Since I’m a ‘managing editor’ now, I don’t do much copyediting. Instead, I help my teams understand and set in place workflows. I train aspiring copy editors, which is a lot of work, but also great fun because it keeps me on my toes and abreast of updates in the publishing industry. My focus is on reducing negative feedback, scheduling, and keeping issues to a minimum and finding lasting ways to fix them.