Indexer (International)

Full time


  • Produce back of the book indexes for titles from the UK & US onshore Production teams, working across a range of subjects according to your specialism/ training.
  • Support the onshore team with ad hoc indexing tasks, including re-pagination, index evaluation and rework.
  • Work as part of a team, helping to evaluate the work of colleagues and to provide support to others when required.
  • Work to tight deadlines, often being responsible for several projects at once.
  • Communicate clearly to your colleagues about schedules, identifying risks of any delay.
  • Respond to and act on feedback promptly.
  • Establish Newgen as a centre for indexing excellence by contributing to development and improvement of workflows and processes.
  • Take part in continuing professional development and training opportunities as required


  • Indexing (conventional and embedded/linked)
  • Index rework
  • Index evaluation and QC

Skills, Qualifications and Experience:

  • Two years back of the book indexing experience (essential)
  • Experience in indexing at least one of the following types of book: humanities, social sciences, law (including legal tables), science, engineering, medicine (essential)
  • Impeccable editorial, organisational and communication skills (essential)
  • Experience in producing linked indexes (through Word and or unique ID method) (desirable)
  • Experience in using indexing software (for example Macrex or Cindex) (desirable)
  • An understanding of editorial and production processes (desirable)


  • Take responsibility for the quality of each index
  • Liaise with Project Managers over author/client feedback and expectations, on occasion dealing directly with authors
  • Meeting all index related deadlines (100%) as agreed with the Project Manager
  • Make full use of the functionalities in Pubkit (a proprietary technology of Newgen) to manage all relevant tasks as assigned
  • Achieve Accredited Indexer (AI) status from the Society of Indexers (if not already obtained)

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