Project Manager (India)

Full time

We are seeking a project manager to manage the entire production process of a book, journal, article, or related products in publishing, which includes:

Receipt of materials handed over from the client or editorial team

  • Final delivery of print and online deliverables
  • Following the process and the SLA’s as defined and agreed upon with the client
  • Utilizing the approach, systems, tools, checkpoints, and resources allocated


  • Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan
  • Provide project updates on a consistent basis to stakeholders about strategy, adjustments, and progress
  • Monitor progress and make adjustments as needed
  • Manage contracts with vendors and suppliers by assigning tasks and communicating expected deliverables
  • Initiate feedback discussion to bring logical closure of the issue
  • Measure project performance to identify areas for improvement
  • Maintain reports and handle billing


  • Author Engagement
  • Publisher Engagement
  • Production Coordination
  • Vendor Coordination


  • Good command of English - written and spoken
  • Knowledge and well versed in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Professional


  • Make full use of all the functionalities in Pubkit and Mtrack (a proprietary technology of Newgen) to manage all project management activities across all projects
  • Meeting the print/online deadlines (100%) as agreed with the publisher
  • Take complete responsibility for the quality of the project in terms of
    1. Quality of communication
    2. Effective information management
    3. Quality - critical checks
    4. Accurate and timely reporting
    5. Limiting negative feedback to not more than 2% of titles handled
  • Accurate billing

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