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Book Designer – ELL/ELT/Education

  • Responsible for creating the visual layout and design of student books, workbooks, worksheet resources (working with International publishers, predominantly in the areas of ELL/ELT/Education) using Adobe InDesign on both Mac and Windows.
  • Work closely with authors, editors, and publishers to develop a design that enhances the book's content and appeals to the target market.

Key responsibilities:

Developing or implementing a design concept: Create a design concept or implement the client-given design concept that captures the essence of the book and appeals to the target market. This includes selecting fonts, colors, ensuring how best the content could fit in the page without compromising on the design, and also keep in mind other design elements that convey the desired mood and tone. The concept will also need to match the client's instructions and briefing, as necessary.

Creating a layout: Create a layout that organizes the text and illustrations in an appealing and readable way as per publisher specifications. This includes using the appropriate page size and margins, determining the placement of headers, footers, and page numbers, and deciding on the placement of illustrations and other visual elements.

Preparing files for print: Preparing the files for print by ensuring that they meet the printer's specifications and are free from errors or inconsistencies.

Staying up-to-date with design trends: A book designer must stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies and must be able to incorporate new techniques and tools into their work.

Communication skills: Must possess a strong aesthetic sense, communication skills, and a keen attention to detail. They must be able to collaborate effectively with editors and publishers, and the rest of the design team. They should also be able to work within tight deadlines and budgets.

Knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator will be an added advantage.

Job type: Full time

Location: India

At Newgen, we give employees the freedom to work remotely from any location in the country. Good internet connectivity is a must.

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