Still learning, still growing

Jose Kunju
Vice President

After nearly 17 years at Newgen, Jose's quest for personal growth remains undiminished. His priority is continuous learning and being up to date with the latest industry trends.

Jose joined Newgen as the head of its data division. Over time, he has headed the Aspen account (which used to contribute 50% of the company's revenue), headed the Malaysia operations while managing Thomson Reuters Malaysia, and is currently heading the central production and central editorial teams for books.

Newgen's values of client centrality, quality focus and the ability to listen are embodied in Jose. He draws immense satisfaction from having mentored many people who have gone on to assume leadership roles in the company. The professional, yet informal, culture of the place is something he cherishes. He says it has given him peace of mind and a sense of security, and enabled growth. Jose looks back on his journey with Newgen as a richly rewarding and satisfying experience. "Work and life are so complementary to each other," he says. "It makes me an integral part of Newgen, and Newgen an integral part of me."

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