Unwavering trust on its employees – Newgen’s guiding principle

Anupama Gopinath
Associate Vice President

A post-graduate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, I wandered into the publishing industry about 18 years back just by chance. Today, working with content is my passion and Newgen is my second home. I continue to learn every day, trying to keep pace with the ever-evolving requirements of the publishing industry and interacting with amazing individuals who inspire me to advance further in my content journey.

I started my journey in publishing as a copyeditor, moving soon into project management and then into account management. Today, I manage the Oxford University Press Books account at Newgen and have been associated with them for the past 15 years.

At Newgen, work and learning are an integral part of life – the whole concept of work–life balance dissolves because our passion for exploring new skill sets ensures that our brain cells never have a dull moment. The smooth transition into work-from-home mode has been one of the recent work highlights in my life. I am now able to manage work and home well. So, life has settled into a comfortable routine, where I am equally effective at work and home.

Newgen provided me with immense scope to grow. I have been part of the OUP Books team from the moment I joined Newgen. We grew quickly and expanded our scope of work from full-service project management to end-to-end project management across all the divisions we worked for. We also expanded our range of services across the pre- and post-production stages of the publishing process. Today, Newgen partners with most of our clients, and we take responsibility for the entire publishing process, right from when the author delivers the manuscript to the point of publication. This expansion brought with it the need for extensive change management. We needed a system to help us manage the enormous responsibilities of total project management. But these challenges delivered smart solutions such as the MuFO workflow and Pubkit. So every challenge we faced during our transitions led to long-lasting improvements in our process and client management approach.

I cherish many proud moments during my decade and a half journey at Newgen – one of my first positive feedback from an author is still fresh in my memory. Every promotion I got in Newgen has been a celebration, all the client visits had proud moments as they always praised the team at Newgen, and we have always completed every complex title we were entrusted with well within the scope of schedule, cost, and quality, consistently delivering a positive experience. Every new division and new service that our client trusted with Newgen has come with a strong statement of trust they have in us. Each of these moments has been cherish-worthy.

The freedom to experiment with solutions, the space to make mistakes and learn from them, the trust the organization places on every employee to be mature enough to manage work without micro-management, the organization's ability to judge performance based on measurable results, and the drive to take risks and always define new goals – all these definitely keep us inspired and active all the time.

Newgen truly believes and practices the core value of "Every Word Matters to Us" – we value our clients, team members, and all our stakeholders. Every person whom we serve is our client. Their every word – said and unsaid – and every word we give to our clients is our top priority. This culture is a strong aspect of every Newgenite's day-to-day interactions in the organization. We constantly strive to keep promises and deliver the best experiences to every person we work with. Be it in terms of simplifying how we work, delivering excellence with first-time-through approaches, taking complete ownership, and partnering with our clients for mutual success, we have always put in our sincere efforts to ensure that we represent our organization in the best possible manner.

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