Big advocates for leaving work at work!

Maddison Oakley
Project Manager, Education

I started as an intern in Newgen in 2019, fresh out of completing my Digital Publishing MA. I worked between Academic and Education teams before Newgen offered me a permanent position as the first Editorial and Production Assistant. Since then, I have become a permanent member of the Education Team, working my way from Editorial Assistant to Editorial Project Manager, and now Project Manager on our New Business team. It has been lovely to grow alongside Newgen since 2019.

The culture that Newgen has is something I have never experienced before – the team works so well together and everybody values each other. We pull together as much as possible while working remotely as Newgen is a predominantly remote-working business.

Newgen has been my first step into the publishing industry since my MA, which meant they took a chance and invested in me. Every day has been a huge learning curve for me and I have grown so much since starting as an intern. Newgen has supported me in my own interests, allowing me to complete training and courses that may be outside the scope of my job description, but are nonetheless valuable to the company. This trust and support in me has given me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things, and to always learn.

Two things stand out for me at Newgen: the first was being made their first Editorial and Production Assistant when my internship came to an end. I felt like an extremely valued member of the team even though I was so new and was able to be such an asset to my colleagues. This is the way we view all of our interns – we would like them to continue to work with us after they’ve completed their internship! The second was being promoted to Project Manager. This was something that felt way out of my reach for a while, but my managers pushed and supported me to take it on and I’m very glad I did. A very steep learning curve but an exciting one too.

The flexibility of working – I am never made to feel like my work/life balance should favour work. That’s what’s great about Newgen – everyone here understands that work shouldn’t take over our lives, which means the work that gets done is of extremely high quality and as stress-free as possible – we are all big advocates for leaving work at work!

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