There are many hands and minds behind every small success at Newgen!

Suma George
Managing Editor

It was by chance that I glanced upon an advertisement for a walk-in interview for copy editors, and that started my journey with Newgen. With absolutely no idea on what copy editing was or entailed, I relied entirely on the guidance of my many mentors and the help of my peers to understand the nuances of the job. Newgen taught me how to complete tasks on time, collaborate with colleagues, overcome obstacles and take up new challenges. During the many years here, I have served in varied roles as copyeditor, team leader – normalization, editorial manager, and managing editor – editorial assistant.

All of those experiences have been fulfilling. Managing copyediting services for different publishers provided me with ample opportunities to learn and grow, and being familiar with publishers’ requirements helped me in the implementation of the BITS platform for normalization. I also gained experience in preparing abstracts and generating keywords for journal articles. Recently, I helped set up the manuscript submission services for Oxford University Press and worked as an editorial assistant for Peter Lang Publishing, both of which have been highly gratifying.

However, beyond all the work and the countless books I’ve worked on, the one thing that Newgen has taught me is that one is always dependent on many people, and that no achievement is one’s sole achievement – there are many hands and minds behind every small success. And this is a life lesson that I hope to carry with me and impart to my daughter.

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