“We just need another Newgen!”

Krishnakumar Mani
Associate Vice-President

I have been working in the publishing space for more than two decades now, and am currently leading accounts for several clients. I have spent the last eight years at Newgen in building a highly skilled, efficient and customer-focused team for the Education division and expanding its business.

Even before the COVID outbreak, Newgen was well into implementing flexible working hours through a remote work culture. This led to seamless business continuity at the time of the pandemic. This flexibility has given me more space and freedom to operate and helped me communicate better and improve efficiencies across my accounts.

Education business dissembles like one set of services, but it actually requires upgrading the skill set constantly and comprehending client demands to map them to the exact solutions. I owe it to Newgen for providing me opportunities to work on several challenging projects and for bringing out the best in me.

I strongly believe in the quote “It's not the hours you put in your work that counts, it's the work you put in the hours.” Newgen has always strived to do first time right which proportionally reduces rework time and has increased efficiency. This helped me to coin a new vision for my team of 30 work hours per week without compromising on any existing key business qualities.

My journey at Newgen from a DGM to an Associate Vice President has been very exciting, and I would like to build our business further with continued support and trust from the company. I am also delighted about gaining the same trust from our customers for our services and quality that made the head of delivery of one of our key clients say, “We just need another Newgen!”

What I love about Newgen is its impeccable focus on individuals and the space it provides for everyone to grow and succeed; I owe my personal growth at Newgen to this trust and space.

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