A safe place for women

Nirmala Rangarajan
Manager - Quality

Nirmala started her career at Newgen as a trainee technical editor more than two decades ago. She worked as a quality controller for almost all the books and journals accounts and was head of the quality team for almost three years. She was the management representative for ISO audits at Newgen. Being part of the ISO documentation team and receiving the ISO certification for the organization was indeed a proud moment for her. Because quality has always been her passion, it was only natural that she spent her time training many employees for QC and manuscript evaluation roles. She is currently working for the Education division.

She finds Newgen to be an excellent place for learning. For her, each and every day at Newgen comes with some kind of learning and that always keeps her on her toes. According to her, continuous learning and consistent achievement in quality are two of the best things about Newgen. She recalls her proud moments at Newgen when she received an award for the completion of 5 years and an award for 'Consistent Quality' in 2014.

But all things aside, it’s no wonder that the first and foremost thing she loves about Newgen is the fact that it is a safe place for women.

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