A sense of belonging

Vijaya Gowri
Deputy General Manager - Operations, Data Division

Vijaya Gowri is a goal-oriented person with almost 19 years of experience in management such as operations management, production and resource management, and revenue management, quality, sample development, metadata management and research & development in the publishing industry.

She has exhibited leadership across business functions with expertise in driving improvement methodologies, developing methods and upgrading processes to improve productivity, efficiency and quality. She is a performance-driven professional with a comprehensive understanding of service operations and strengths in efficient operations and client service.

She joined Newgen in December 2014 as a senior lead, which has over the years made her what she is today. Within 3 months of joining the Newgen workforce, she was recognized for her work. Since then, she believes Newgen has changed her life for good, and forever.

She has managed Amazon’s Failover & Fixed Layout projects, Konvertus, OUP Backlist, and Accessibility Projects. She has been with Newgen for the past 7 years in the digital division and is now managing OUP Backlist and all accessibility projects. She is truly passionate about what she does.

The key highlights of her life at Newgen are the Konvertus Project, Peter Lang Metadata, and OSO Big Project Completion. A proud moment for her and her team was working together on the OSO Big Project. Her biggest challenge at Newgen was working on accessibility because accessibility was new to the market and there was a lot of learning to do in a short time, such as Section 508, Daisy, and gaining knowledge on how these products support the visually impaired. That to her was a great learning experience.

Her notable achievements and proud moments in Newgen are the successful completion of huge volumes in a short span of time: 2100 titles from December 2020 to March 2021 and 10,500 titles from November 2021 to July 2022. A creditable achievement indeed!

The thing she loves most about Newgen is that she gets a free hand in doing her work. The fact that she can take up responsibilities gives her a sense of belonging in Newgen. Newgen has embedded in her values such as taking ownership and simplifying things. Every job she takes up is more than a responsibility, and she takes it up as her own, giving her fullest in getting it done successfully.

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