The space to learn, evolve, fail and get up

Associate Vice President

"Newgen is a learning organization," says Srividhya. "We are not perfect; our value is in relentlessly striving to understand others' needs and doing our best to meet them."

In the true spirit of the organization, Srividhya has learnt to copyedit, proofread, index, abstract, clear permissions, manage authors. During her 16-year-old journey with Newgen, she has served in various roles such as copy editor, editorial lead, managing editor, account head and business head. Every day has been a new experience with new challenges. She has deployed her considerable skills to building editorial and project management teams, overseeing schedules, meeting client SLAs, and managing publications end-to-end.

What she loves best about Newgen is the camaraderie of the teams, and the deep, long-term relationships built with clients. "I continue to evolve," she says, "enjoying what I do, and doing whatever I do well. I find my purpose in nurturing talents, facing everyday challenges and providing solutions to authors, publishers and partners."

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