“Measure Twice, Cut Once”

Indumathy Gunasekaran
Assistant Lead - Project Management, Education Division

After earning her bachelor’s degree in engineering, Indumathy entered the world of publishing accidentally when a friend from college referred her for the position of project manager at the company she worked at; her friend had found her to possess great communication skills during their college days. After staying for about 6 years in that organization, Indumathy came to Newgen when her family relocated to Chennai. It is now 6 years since she began her journey with Newgen. She has challenged herself to take on different roles such as project manager, project auditor and team Leader. Indumathy is now working as a team lead for the Bloomsbury, NPUK and University of Michigan Press accounts.

Indumathy feels that Newgen creates a harmonic work–life balance or work–life integration that improves not only its employees’ emotional, physical and mental well-being, but also their focus on work. She still remembers her first feedback from an author for misspelling his name which gave her a lifetime experience of “Measure Twice, Cut Once.” Till date, she has not hit the send button before reading an email twice. She also learnt that assessing and upgrading her skills constantly, staying ahead of expectations and being ready to take up responsibility are key to a successful career at Newgen.

Indumathy is proud to say that she has managed almost all the clients under the Education Division and so she is well versed with the majority of the workflows. She felt privileged when she was asked to mentor the newcomers and help fellow project managers tackle any critical situations. The best thing about Newgen, for her, is that the right talents of employees are recognized and utilized by giving them new opportunities to further their professional growth. And the one thing she has learnt from Newgen’s values is its trust with its employees. That translates to the employees feeling confident, satisfied and happy all enshrouded in a culture of honesty.

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