Celebrating collaboration

General Manager

Latha's long tenure at Newgen has been marked by several milestones. Serving in various capacities from Project Manager to General Manager, she has led teams, initiated guidelines for cost and quality, planned workflows, and set up a mechanism to analyse customer feedback, to name a few high points.

"My favourite thing about working in Newgen," she says, "is that we actively encourage and propagate the idea of employee appreciation and engagement." As a skilled technical specialist, Latha has a proven track record in various aspects of the publishing industry, including Project Designing, Project Execution, Project Implementation, Project Re-engineering, Production Planning and Scheduling. Among her achievements, she lists the setting up of a business unit with 200 fresh resources, developing a prototype for production tracking, and enabling the delivery of ePUB in German & English.

Latha values the great work-life balance that Newgen offers, and is highly appreciative of the "open communication we have between all employees and management." She thinks the people she works with are phenomenal. "I do not have to deal with 'super' personalities," she says. "We collectively work together, collaborate and we deliver."

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