Rain or shine, I deliver on time!

Vijaya S.
Senior Manager, Editorial Services

My 24+ years of experience in Newgen has brought me many overwhelming moments of happiness and vast learning. I started my journey with Newgen on 15 December 1997 as a proofreader, then moved on to become a copyeditor and finally to Lead – Copyediting.

What I love about Newgen are its values of client centrality and its focus on producing a quality output. It is an excellent working place where employees' talents are recognized and fully appreciated. Every day has brought in a different kind of challenge. First it was the job, then it was the team, clients . . . the list is endless. But then, the challenges have also taught me to face any problem with a new approach.

On completing 5 years in Newgen, I was gifted with a gold coin. After completing a decade of working here, I got special appreciation and an award that made me so proud! And also I remember the Sports Meet where I won prizes. These cherished moments will always remain in my heart forever.

Life in Newgen has mostly been encouraging and evergreen. Whatever your position or place, all are treated equally. The work quality is excellent, and Newgen has made a name for its training, which is by far the best in the field. The people are dedicated, and the workflow is good. My own life reflects Newgen's values and culture. That's how I personify Newgen.

My personal motto: rain or shine, I deliver on time!

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