Real, practical support, not just lip service and platitudes

Rebecca Bush
Commissioning Editor

I joined Newgen about a year ago as a commissioning editor. Right from the recruitment process, including frictionless and professional negotiation around my role, responsibilities, and pay, to regular check-ins on my performance and career growth plans, they have been supportive, communicative, and flexible.

At the moment, even though I’m the only full-time member of my department and live hours away from everyone I work with, I have never felt unsupported or isolated. We use Teams and emails to stay in touch. I’ve been sent the equipment I need, and there are (non-mandatory!) virtual social times to help colleagues connect. I have had to be adaptable in my job as our fledgling department quickly grows and evolves, and I’ve been able to do so because of the support and adaptability I’ve had from Newgen in return. I mean real, practical support, too – not just lip service and platitudes when my workload becomes too much, but active reassignment of tasks and additional resources where it’s needed.

Perhaps most importantly for me though, I am a disabled and neurodivergent person, I have found Newgen a fantastic employer for me. I am able to super-flex my hours and/or take paid time off when I need to, to fit in doctor’s appointments and the like. I am never made to feel guilty for needing a sick day or a few hours off, even though I sometimes need more time off than an able-bodied person might. My manager actively encourages me to make sure I am using annual leave and sick leave as I need to, and she supports me in doing so by making sure my work doesn’t just pile up in my absence! It was while working for Newgen that I received my Autism diagnosis, and the response has been great. I have felt no need to keep my diagnosis a secret, as no-one treats me any differently now than they did before – in a good way. The company has been active in offering accommodations and – crucially – asking me how they can best support me to be successful. I hope I can work for Newgen for a long, long time!

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