Trained Marine Radio Officer to Software Developer to Legal Publishing Head

R. Dinesh
Associate Vice President

A good number of my colleagues do not know that I am a certified Marine Radio Officer who can handle radio communications in the merchant navy … and now I’m in the publishing business.

I joined Newgen 16 years ago as a Project Manager in R&D. The pressure of implementing new tools in the production process pushed me to take on additional responsibilities in operations. Armed with a graduate degree in physics and a postgraduate degree in computers, I stepped into Newgen with zero publishing knowledge. However, the working culture of Newgen allowed me to get exposure to all verticals in the publishing domain, something that has helped me understand the nuances of the publishing industry very quickly. Today, I manage the legal publishing division in Newgen and I am happy to provide solutions to my clients to optimize their workflows. To say that the transformation I went through these years is huge and unbelievable would be an understatement.

For me, the challenge has always been managing constant attrition, and the obstacles that arise as a result of that, in the production team. In an attempt to counter this, I looked at attrition as an opportunity and the work of newcomers as the perfect testing ground to fix the bugs and perfect the tools.

No discussion about legal publishing would be complete without mentioning loose leaf production, which is a nightmare for all production managers. As a team, we developed an in-house platform to manage loose leaf production and the successful implementation of it was a very proud moment.

I feel I am an integral part of Newgen because I am free to make or intervene in any decision-making process. Realizing the power of freedom accorded to me at Newgen has helped me realize the power of assumed responsibility.

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