K. V. Raghavendra, a.k.a. Raghu

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Raghavendra lives in Alwarthirunagar, Chennai, and though he likes that it is a well-connected area, it takes him 1.5 hours to travel to the office. Working from home, however, has changed that, and he is spending the extra time dancing with his son! His parents inspire him the most. “In the eventuality of rebirth, not having the same parents, brother, wife and son is something I am scared of,” he says, when asked what his biggest irrational fear is. He says that his happiest memory was when he saw his newborn son.

Raghu's claim to fame: “When I fail or get put down, I come back with extra vigor.” He likes that he has the ability to laugh at himself, but he admits to being unable to control his anger at times. He would love to have the superpower of detecting lies. His pet peeves are being lied to, put-downs, and when someone doesn’t keep their word. Raghu says that he is an open book, but here are a couple of things no one at Newgen knows about him: As a kid, he wanted to enrol in the Indian Army as a commissioned officer. And he was talkative and mischievous in school. He says, “I never finished my homework from class I to XII. I was punished in several ways at school and had the reputation of not crying even once for any of those punishments. I was known as someone who couldn’t cry, which was not true. I was just adamant.”

Learning a new skill, going on a long family vacation, and learning the art of mindfulness are the top items on Raghu’s bucket list. He loves unwinding by going out with his wife and his son. If he didn’t have to sleep at all, “I would spend that time with my son and wife,” he says. If time and money weren’t an issue, he would like to pursue acting in stage dramas.

Raghu would love to live in the movie universe of Doctor Strange. He likes watching films in theatres, and his favorite genre is the thriller. One movie he refuses to watch is The Revenant. He is quite proud of his collection of books, and the best book he has read is Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. If a movie were to be made on his life, Raghu wants Rowan Atkinson (the talented Mr. Bean) to play his role. People usually come to Raghu for help with savings and investments. He is usually early, and he can give a 40-minute presentation on habits, with absolutely no prior preparation. The first thing he notices about people is their body language. Something he thinks everyone should do at least once in their lives is to donate and help feed a hungry family.

Raghu says, “Young and poor girls are prone to abuse, and our society is still unsafe for women. We should do something about it. But with higher intellect and stronger mind, time has come for women to lead from the front.”

If he had to change his name, it would be Bhagiratha (a mythological character who brought River Ganges to Earth). “When someone carries out a herculean task unflinchingly, he is believed to have Bhagiratha’s qualities,” he says. “A decade ago, Jose used to call me by this name for my tenacious nature!” When asked about the nicest compliment he has received, Raghu says, “We were in a conference at Melbourne, and our president asked me to go on stage on his behalf and say a few words. That has been the nicest compliment so far.”

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